Never Mind the Soundness – See the reduced Green Belt Loss – Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to be published Monday

A special meeting of the combined aithority wil mett next friday with the papers being published Monday.

According to MEN

‘It is understood a compromise has now been reached that will not see ‘no net loss’ of green belt ]which Andy Burnham campaigned on], but that will see a considerable reduction in the number of sites proposed for development.’

What do we know?

  1. It will be an SDS not a development plan. which means only the leaders need approve not every full council (politically impossible) so the soundness tests doesn’t apply
  2. Which means like London it can simply propose unrealistic and unevidenced targets for intensification without any evidence of deliverability and then ignore any EIP report
  3. It is likely that the ‘compromise’ involves loss in the more deprived East and North whereas Stockport and Trafford will see radically reduced Green Belt loss – the losses will be driven by politics not strategy or potential for intensification in each LPA, indeed there is likely to be an inverse relationship given the more prosperous south and west will have greater viability.
  4. Its a fix which will only be defensible as such at the EIP.

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