Has an NPS for #CAMKOX Oxford-Cambridge Arc been announced by Treasury?

Getting  several reports that the productivity minister announced this at a conference yesterday – though he hasn’t confirmed yet.  As sought by England’s Economic Heartland and the NIC.

Some implications:

The Planning Act 2008 allows them to be locationally specific but doesnt mandate it, some like ports are aspatial.

The 2008 Act will need amendment to cover housing.

Undercuts completely the legal challenge on no SEA for the Expressway, as an NPS must have an SA, and subject to ‘political’, not ‘administrative’ approval the European SEA directive doesn’t apply.

It will be a huge challenge for the government to manage consultation on it.  They should delegate most of the engagement to local partnerships.

A proper justification will be needed for the housing target, not the back of an envelope and outdated (different boundary) number in the NIC report (relaying on a rather poor report from Savills based on 20 year out of date  numbers and geography and the old London plan housing target for overspill).

How and when will it emerge, at what point will specific proposals for Garden communities emerge and from the AECOM ‘vision’ or the next steps work due in 2020, and how will this sync in to the emerging JSPs for the area?  It looks to be like the NPS will increasingly drive the big numbers locations and the JSPs will have to follow.

To what extent will the NPS take up the challenge of ‘Zero Carbon by 2050’  as the JSP for Oxon is looking towards?   This is the big strategic planning challenge, net zero requires new communities to be accessed and designed in a compreletely diferent way, deign led with a focus on sustinable infrastructure and design, with transport networks designed around mass movement of people by transit.  This implies a very different kind of East-West Rail and corridor wide BRT and rail investment.







2 thoughts on “Has an NPS for #CAMKOX Oxford-Cambridge Arc been announced by Treasury?

  1. A thought… presumably housing via an NPS could be enabled through the “planning freedoms” power if the LPAs ask for it? So it could be a bespoke arrangement for one area without opening it up to every other place.

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