100 route options being narrowed down to 10 for Oxford-Cambridge Expressway

John Howell MP

I and Ed Vaizey MP (Wantage and Didcot) met with the Minister of State for Transport Jesse Norman MP and representatives of Highways England to discuss the Oxford Cambridge Expressway, the A34, and the A420.

Both of us secured assurances from the Minister that there would be detailed consultation with local residents for the final route of the Oxford Cambridge expressway. A route corridor has been chosen and Highways England are currently considering route options within that corridor. There is a long list of around 100 routes which will be narrowed down to a short list of under 10 for public consultation in late 2019.

Henry George’s Clue to Ebenezor Howard

Progress and Poverty Page 303

when land is all monopolized, as it is everywhere except in the newest communities, rent must drive wages down to the point at which the poorest paid class will be just able to live and reproduce , and thus wages are forced to a minimum fixed by what is called the standard of comfort-that is, the amount of necessaries and comforts which habit leads the working classes to demand as the· lowest on which they will consent to maintain their numbers.