Looking Backwards, Looking Ridiculous – The Philosophy of the @Roger_Scruton #patricianbuildingscommission

Roger Scruton is a scholar funded by Future Symphony institute – which exactly shares his aesthetic philosophy, and manages to make a love for classical music look imperialistic and ridiculous rather than beautiful.  Take their manifesto and replace classical music with classical architecture etc. and you have.

But nor should there be any despair about the promise of a future for classical architecture. All around us we see the signs that a rebirth is nigh. The glorious architectural heritage bequeathed to us sprang from a deep well of love and piety, reverence, and affection within the human heart. And despite the errors of any age – perhaps even because of them – people are still moved principally and most lastingly by love. We still long to be inspired by wonder, to feel the selfless fulfillment of devotion, and the security of belonging. Architecture has the power to move us in this way more than almost anything else we can name.

And its power is all the greater for the fact that our experience of classical architecture, especially today, is wholly unlike our other experiences. It stands outside of time, and looks lovingly from its vantage point across the wide panoply of history. It invites us to stand there with it, in intimate acquaintance with everyone we’ll never meet – those who are long gone but who, nevertheless, already know us because they know and sympathize with the condition of our humanity. Our architectural communion across the centuries is the fruit of forgiveness that first took root in our hearts as sympathy and a mutual and abiding love for what is true, good and beautiful. Before trying to “modernize” architecture , then, we should remember that the great Renaissance was itself born of a loving look backwards. And already we see people in all walks of life making the first Petrarchan glances over the shoulder of modernity.

For the new renaissance to take hold, Western architecture must do more than survive in the cloisters and towers of our ateliers and architecture schools. We envision a world of active and flourishing amateur, community, youth, and professional studios where the joyful practice of drawing by pencil and legacy of classical architecture find themselves again at the aesthetic center of community and family life. We envision a world in which classical architecture and its principles are unquestionably as important a part of any school curriculum as reading, writing, and arithmetic. And in this world we envision, as already in our own, the design forever renews itself by renewing our spirits, our imaginations, and our moral sensibilities. It shapes us even as we shape a tympanum or pilaster in an arch..

A renaissance for classical architecture means a renaissance for humanity.

I imagine there were the kind of people that rioted when the rite of spring was first played and called the Eiffel Tower a scar on the skyline from not being constructed of stone.

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