‘Howls of Rage’ from Architects on @Roger_Scruton #patricianbuildingscommission @kitmalthouse

Building Design

And planners too – not listed in brief or invited. Calculated snub by the extremist Roger Scruton as he tries to force his narrow patrician tastes on everybody else.  This wont end well, indeed I suspect RIBA and RTPI might even set up an alternative shadow commission.   Building everything in stone is too expensive, and brick impractical given the volume of new homes we need.  Given that how does going back to the methods , techniques and aesthetics of the 18th Century help.  A ridiculous and divisive move.  A bit like making Aaron Banks chair of the Electoral Commission, or putting him in charge of writing the question on a second peoples referendum.  I don’t think ministers have any idea of the anger this has caused amongst design professionals or how much it has set back the goodwill that has built up over recent months.

Architects sidelined as Scruton chairs government’s beautiful homes commission

Roger Scruton

‘Placing beauty at heart of housing policy is biggest idea in a generation’

Traditionalist Roger Scruton has been chosen by the housing secretary to chair a new commission tasked with putting “beauty” at the centre of housing policy.

Scruton’s appointment and the commission itself have been met with howls of derision from the profession. One called it a “right-wing Cabe”, while TV presenter Tom Dyckhoff asked if it was April 1.

The RIBA today demanded architects be given a leading role on the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission which was announced at the weekend by housing secretary James Brokenshire to “to tackle the challenge of poor quality design and build of homes and places”.

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