Councillor who voted against M&S Application because he said they were Zionists now wants to form Anti Racist Body

New Castle ChronicleApril 2018

One of Dipu Ahad's posts

In statement issued through social media, Mr Ahad said: “Five years ago I posted a comment online which I appreciate could be seen as being insensitive.

“At the time I immediately deleted the post and I wish to sincerely apologise if the subsequent publicity has caused offence….

, screenshots of Mr Ahad’s Facebook page show him saying he voted against a planning application for a Marks & Spencer store “on principal (sic)” – also saying the store was “directly killing innocent Palestinian people by directly funding the Zionist regime”.

Now hes been elected.

He also hounded Jewish Members of the Holocaust memorial trust so badly they walked out of a meeting & refused to participate further.

Now  want to promote an anti racists (sic Anti Semitic) assembly in the North East

To the alarm of those forced from the labour party for abuse for criticisng his election. like the award winning @francesweetman


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