The Growth Arc nee #Camox big news on regional new settlements plan and how it can be done with expressway route uncertainty

Tomorrow as ever will be on front page planning friday love you planning especially bryan last oerson to send me cheque for writing on planning. Id blog tonight but my highly cutomised mega masterplanning machine needs a 75 quid tiny part which codt 3 cents to manufacture in taiwan and i dont do important blogs with 1 finger on my phone. Dear Planning dust off braysns chequebook and you will get scoops two weeks earlier.

Don’t Panic Anchorman says the #Oanishambles will be over by Christmas, but look who stole it

Planning Then as a lovely Christmas present the housing delivery test will kick in, very hard to refuse anything on grounds of bad design, and as the government official in charge of it said last weekat an NPPF briefing  ‘you can ask me questions about how it will work, but I won’t answer them’ Merry Christmas MHCLG lovely presents.  As ever it will take till a few Christmas’s after for them to unwrap and yep – new presents again.
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Kit Grinchouse plots how the Ministry can ruin Christmas for planners everywhere