Wirral Leader thinks ONS is trying to Protect Wirral Green Belt – Is he Council Leader who knows least about planning in England ?


In his letter to Mr Brokenshire, Cllr Phil Davies wrote that the housing target was incorrect and called for acceptance that the ONS figures more accurately reflect the real housing needs for Wirral.

He said: “We always believed these numbers were wrong and pledged to fight them on behalf of Wirral residents.

“Labour Councillors told us residents from Pensby to Prenton and Bebington to Bromborough were ‘up in arms’ about these house building numbers and the threat they presented to Wirral’s Green Belt – I’m delighted the Office for national Statistics has also taken that opinion.

“We now need the secretary of state to accept his national formula was – as one local paper called it – “a cock up” – and confirm he too accepts the ONS number as the basis for our Local Plan”

Kind of speechless.  The HH projections are objectives nothing to do with what ONS thinks about Green Belt in Wirral.  I agree though the formula was a cock up – mainly because it assumes people will move en mass from places like Wirral to places like Greenwich, so Wirral’s number shroud be much higher.  But that has nothing to do with the household projections!  The formula was of course based on ONS figures, so if the ONS cocked up why trust them as guardians of the Wirral Green Belt?  This is intellectual incoherence and thinking (or very little thinking) out load.

Truly does he know about planning or is he just a bruiser trying to pick a fight irrespective of the  facts or his officer’s briefings  He might also read the health warning in the numbers which explains why they arn’t a measure of need but a carrying forward of past (bad) trends which need to change and be changed by council leaders with courage to tackle the housing crisis ( trends including Nimby council leaders like him preventing enough homes being built by maintaining too tight a Green Belt and preventing his constituents getting onto the housing ladder – at wild variance with his own party’s policy on Green Belt and house building.)

As the ONS says

Now Mr Davis which of the below applies:

  1. you havent read the above provisos
  2. you have read them but didn’t understand them
  3. you have read them but think the ONS is wrong – in which case yoou think people coach surfing and living in overcrowded homes dont deserve one if they live near Nimbys who complain to you.  But you do of course think the ONS are right in other regards including threat they have a mandate to distort statistics to save the Wirral Green Belt (BTW they dont)

It has to be one of the above Mr Davis, but I very much doubt you understand this, you would much rather pick a fight.

Much like when you vomited out every Green Belt site however stupid in a consultation without any assessment or strategy or recommendation for the cycnical reason it would cause public outrage – vomiting is very unpleasant to see. No leadership or positivity here to get a plan through with the best (or least worst).  Again you would rather biovate and issue press releases than roll up you sleeves and get on with it.  You are the only leader in the whole of the UK picking a fight on your local plan now, is everyone else right and you are wrong?  Why are Wirral such poor performers on the local plan and haven’t moved forward in the long time, eternity you have been leader. 
Try looking in the mirror.  You fight miltants and hard leftists in Wirral but in your media palybook – its straight Dereck Hatton, picking a fight for fights sake you cant win  

5 thoughts on “Wirral Leader thinks ONS is trying to Protect Wirral Green Belt – Is he Council Leader who knows least about planning in England ?

  1. So what do you propose all these extra people do for a living on the Wirral? Clearly the M53 and M56 cannot cope so what is your master plan?

    Where are the jobs and infrastructure to support

    • They are mostly already living there and driving there – no big migration to wirral – what is your proposal for these people – all the oiks drown themselves in the Mersey – disgraceful lack of concern for those in housing need, disgraceful

      • ??? I sense you know very little about the Wirral peninsula.

        People already here do migrate to Manchester, liverpool and further afield already for work. The current infrastructure to support that migration cannot cope.

        Where so you propose all these extra people work? Go to school? Which Hospital or doctors surgeries are they going to use.

        Do a little homework and take a look at school places or lack of, waiting times at the only hospital that serves Wirral, not to mention the real data regarding ageing population.

        The reality is there is no housing shortage on Wirral in ANY area, in fact we have over 6000 empty properties!

        Who is waiting to be housed exactly on the Wirral?

    • So where is the need coming from?

      Do you see people in desperate need for band H houses?

      Wirral is in decline, the only sensible way forward for Wirral is Wirral Waters. Create the jobs and demand before building more houses.

      There is simply no requirement for more houses on the Wirral.

      Ask yourself who is the biggest employer on the Wirral? Is it any wonder there isn’t the demand when there is no industry to serve it.

      Show me the need and I would support it. There simply isn’t any need though. This is backed up by fact, look to ONS data for wirral and you will see

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