The #OANnishambles Meeting @MHCLG

Even Malcolm Tucker would be lost for swear words at @mhclg #OAN omnishambles that evolved on Friday last The very day we were to get the new SOAN numbers the whole planning world was waiting for we get an 11th hour panic as the numbers the ministry had had for months and said were the basis for a ‘sound’ method, fell parts after a few blogs analysis conducted in 24hrs. So  an ‘irritated‘ groups of Council leaders from #Southanywheredistrictcouncils come to visit the minister Q where does #CaMKOX 1M Target come from? A You own SHMAs based on ONS household projections etc. A But they are out of date and the new ones say Oxford doesn’t need to grow by a single house. A ah they are dodgy we will have new ones next year – thing have changed, people cant afford to form households -manifesto commitment you know. Q But you’ve just told us to put forward plans for Garden Communities to hit the 1 million target! Which you say know is old, whilst the new one is dodgy. A Its an ambition – based on what we had at that time Q So whats our choice now base our plan on old, dodgy or non existent till next year numbers? A All three as long as its the highest, and as long as its at least 1 million, Phillip Hammond likes round numbers – every corridor has to have 1 million Q But the 1 million includes overspill from London im not having that A It might be higher- just got to get London elections done in 2020 before we can give a realistic number on what it might be Q So why don’t we just scrap our local plan and JSP and consult on it in 2020 when we find out what the fuck is going on. A Oh if you do that you’ll be on the Local Plan Naughty step you cant delay Q And what will you base the plan on when you write it – you just told me to make a high number up.  If you impose one ill JR you all the way and the growth deal is off, you playing with us, your not serious. Anchorman chips in – perhaps Minister I suggest we send every council a letter of clarification. Minister – clarifying the numbers you mean? Leader – ah yes what to use, old, dodgy or non existent? Minister – thank you for your time Cllr I have another meeting. Leader – I’ve got to try and explain this to my constituents – ill just refer them to your press office till you sought this mess out. You cant get a single house built without our help matey, and if you fail on this the PM will make you Governor of South Georgia. Anchorman walks out quickly- trying not to be tempted to walk like a penguin.

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