Fantasy Need and Fantasy Supply – The Underpants Gnomes are driving the London Plan EIP

  1. Made up ‘objective need’ using Brokenshire’s red pen SOAN which assumes people from the North of England will move their need to London even though these people don’t exist in the ONS or GLA migration or employment forecasts + Made up Supply using Sadiq Khan’s red pen in the London Plan where magically small sites (really windfalls) with no evidence of availability or deliverability as required by the NPPF are magicked out of thin air to fill the supply gap
  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Published London Plan matching need and supply

Sound like the Underpants Gnomes to me.

Perhaps they should be invited participants to the London Pan EIP – as only they could perform phase 2 a period where early electioneering for 2020 has replaced all evidence and objectivity.

The panel should have none of this nonsense.  The kind of nonsense that happened in the first London Plan EIP where the GLA successfully lobbied the Planning inspectorate directly to give them a soft ride.  Something Chris Shepley told me would NEVER EVER have happened on his watch.  Either the inspectorate are independent, analytical, objective, fair to all parties,  and challenging of BS or they are nothing.

They should require all parties to come back with real numbers that seperate Need, from Policy Target and evidenced supply, from Desired Supply and necessary overspill to outside London.

Without this it is impossible for the panel to do their job.

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