Masterplan Released for Garden Village on SRFI site at St Albans

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The Taylor Wimpey masterplan.

Since some Green Belt in Park Street was included in the draft St Albans Local Plan, Taylor Wimpey has produced a document outlining housing proposals for the land, which they intend to use for a garden village.

However, SRFI developers HelioSlough also have planning permission for that same site, and have threatened legal action if St Albans district council (SADC) continues to pursue housing.

Taylor Wimpey is now asking residents of St Albans which they would prefer – SFRI or housing – in an online poll.ADVERTISING

Land and planning director at Taylor Wimpey North Thames, Andy Holloway, said they have been eyeing up the site for years: “Although we do not own the site, we believe that the garden village brings many benefits and will be the best option for the local area.

Computer-generated image of the proposed rail freight terminal in Park Street

Computer-generated image of the proposed rail freight terminal in Park Street

“For that reason we have produced this indicative plan of what could be achieved and would like to understand whether the local community would prefer the garden village option to the rail freight option.”

The plan includes one new secondary and two new primary schools, parks and open spaces, health facilities, a central social hub with commercial opportunities, and 2,300 homes – 920 of which would be affordable.

There is also the potential for a new bypass to Frogmore and links to How Wood and Park Street stations.

St Albans MP Anne Main said: “Clearly considerably more work would need to be done and lots of studies undertaken, but this initial masterplan is a good starting point to have the discussion around the garden village.

“What I am very clear on however is that a garden village is far better for St Albans than rail freight. I would encourage everyone to take the poll and send a clear message – garden village not rail freight.”

Former St Albans MP Kerry Pollard said: “For many years I have been arguing that this site should be used to provide much needed homes in St Albans, particularly affordable homes.

“Rail freight provides no local benefits and will cause major disruption; I would ask everyone to take this poll and support new housing.”

Have your say in the poll above, which will run throughout September.

Contact for more information about the masterplan.

Some comments on the Masterpla – though these reflect too a few problems with the local plan.  By the way I have long advocated on here housing on the SFRI site

Masterplan, not very good, far too much screen planting and too little open space at heart of area, implies a very low density, cul-de-sacy arrangement.

Park Street?  The name very little along Park Street, where there are two stations where a rapid transit frequency is proposed, also the density and intensity hardy steps up along the proposed station on the eastern side.  Unless is does there will be no business case for the station.  the areas of structural open space and development need rethinking.

So Park Street Garden village is a daft name.  It isn’t a garden village.  I suggest Broadhand Garden Suburb.  St Albans is the oldest named placed in the UK and its original name meant broad hand.

Lots of roads shown but what about the cycle routes?  The key to achieving modal shift. 

A couple of afternoons work, must do better Taylor Wimpy, better still St Alban’s commission a proper masterplanning exercise and shape your submission plan around it.  You can bid for the funding to do so this funding round.

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