Is Kit Malthouse having a good first two months as planning and housing minister?

He is on top of his brief but in his first two months he has:

  • Very nearly screwed up the massively important CaMkOX project by writing a bombastic letter free of any due process, immediately  ‘clarified’ by his civil servants;
  • Called for the privisation of social housing
  • Poo poohed land value capture (the only way private and philanthropic affordable housing ever worked of course} contrary to his own manifesto and despite the Treasury not wanting to fund his 300,000 homes
  • Made clear he considers Brexit much more important
  • Blamed the housing sector for lack of delivery, the guys who will have to deliver for him
  • Gone totally soft on all of the authorities on the local plan naughty step just as it was working (even though one now employs no policy planners).
  • Blames local authorities for lack of progress on local plans whilst calling in the East Hert’s Plan on the day it is due to adopt.


Make Friends in the sector and listen

Employ a good SPAD

Don’t perpetuate your predecessors disasters like Help to Buy

Make sure you stay on message giving speeches and interviews even if you sound anodyne.

Learn from Grant Shapps and do the opposite – like making sure you don’t make up statistics or re announce the same programme 10 times over. 

Realise anything a planning and housing minister does wont bear fruit for three to five years after you have left office.

Leave Brexit to Raab and May.  If you arn’t 100% focused on the government’s number 2 priority you will become Northern Ireland Secretary and have to bear endless meetings with the DUP.

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