The Army moved out some troops – so we don’t need to build more than 15 dwellings a year

Richmondsnire issues and options consultation – ridiculous, not a realistic alternative.  Gaming SOAN.

Option A – Low Scenario – 15 homes per annum
7.4.4 This figure is calculated through the government’s proposed standard housing method and is based upon the 2014 Sub National Population Projections with an uplift for affordability. The Richmondshire SHMA/OAN (2017) and SHMA
Demographics (2017) paper identify that the 2014-based projections take account of the 2014-based population estimates that have been significantly affected by population change associated with the Army at Catterick Garrison which resulted in significant unit movements out particularly in 2013/14 being projected forward which
has since being reversed by unit movements in during 2016 which is after the base date for the projection. This has resulted in a more negative migration trend being projected forward and a lower population total than what is likely to occur in reality

One thought on “The Army moved out some troops – so we don’t need to build more than 15 dwellings a year

  1. You have to feel sorry for the professional planning officers of the council. They are required to script this guff at the behest of clueless politicians. They in turn are only interested in pandering to their individual electorates and not working for the overall and longterm good of all of their citizens, including those to come.

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