Is Interministerial Infighting Heart of the CaMKoX Corridor Hot Mess? @iainastewart @kitmalthouse

We have had no announcement of an inter-ministerial lead on CaMkox, despite Iain Stewart the corridor champion handing his report in recommending this several months ago.

No announcement this summer on route of the expressway, no announcment on stage 3 funding for east west rail?

The LPAs like Central Beds say tell us the route and well tell you the locations?

Stand off?

Knowing government the Treasury will say we wont release the money for the  infrastructure till we know we will get the housing and jobs.

Knowing DoT they will not want to hand anything to a minister in MHCLG.

In past times there might have been a cabinet sub chaired by the PM, like there was for Thames Gateway, I presume she is busy.


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