CaMKox Corridor Champion @iainastewart – We still havn’t finalised our Next Steps – Wait for Budget

A partially useful tweet from Iain Stewart Mp in response to my last post on the corridor

HMG has not finalised its response to the NIC report. The commitment was to do so by the time of the 2018 Autumn budget. My appointment and work has been to help prepare for that. Re the Sunday a Times article…it was inaccurate…you should not believe everything in the press!

Except I didnt mention any press article?  I presume he means George Monbiot’s Guardian piece which kicked off the politics, nothing appearing headline wise outside paywall on corridor in the Times or Sunday times for several months.

He responded

Replying to @AndrewLainton

I haven’t seen a Guardian article…although I don’t read the paper. My firm view is that this vision needs proper long-term co-ordination between Government depts/agencies and between central and local Government. I have made many speeches on this. Eg…


Needless to say the [Sunday Times} article was nonsense, as is the Guardian one. The Corridor vision is much more than new housing and transport links.

Boles – Brexit and Screwing up Planning and Housing will be the reasons if we lose Election


Mr Boles, who has long advocated planning reform and more house building, also said that the Conservative government had so “completely failed to get to grips with the housing crisis” it may cost the party the next general election. “[If we lose the next election] the two biggest reasons will be one, that we will have basically screwed up Brexit and the second will be that we’ve failed on housing. Those will be the two hammer blows that will push us into opposition.”