Amber Valley Green Belt Review Refusinik Council Concedes

From Inspector’s letter

This is the authority that refused to take part in joint planning arrangements around Nottingham and refused to take part in a joint Green belt review

The Council proposes to undertake a Borough-wide Green Belt boundary review in order to inform the process of identifying and proposing additional housing sites for allocation in the Local Plan to ensure that it can demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply on adoption and to meet the requirement for 9,770 dwellings between 2011 and 2028.
As the Borough forms part of the Derby Housing Market Area (HMA), I would expect the Council to firstly seek agreement with the other HMA authorities
(Derby City Council, South Derbyshire District Council and Derbyshire County Council) regarding the criteria and framework for the Green Belt review, including the consideration of the overall effect on the Green Belt around Derby. The Council has confirmed that this has occurred and that the criteria and framework for the Green Belt review have been agreed by the HMA authorities.
In carrying out this Green Belt review, the Council should have regard to the guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework (The Framework), in particular paragraphs 80, 83, 84 and 85 and should take account of the need to promote sustainable patterns of development. With this in mind, existing Green Belt boundaries should only be altered in exceptional circumstances. If the outcome of the review is that certain parcels of land are identified as being suitable for removal from the Green Belt, then the exceptional circumstances for each change should be clearly set out and evidenced. Furthermore, the review should consider the Green Belt boundary having regard to its intended permanence in the long term, so that it should be capable of enduring beyond the plan period. As such, if alterations to the Green Belt boundary are proposed, it may be prudent for the Council to take account of the case for safeguarding land to meet longer-term development needs and whether or not that would be appropriate in the circumstances.
Any proposed alterations to the Green Belt boundary should ensure consistency with the Local Plan strategy for meeting identified requirements for sustainable development and should have regard to the five Green Belt purposes. Any proposed alterations to the Green Belt boundary should be clearly defined, using physical features that are readily recognisable and likely to be permanent.
The Green Belt review will be used to inform the process of identifying and proposing additional sites for housing and other uses in the Local Plan, including the assessment of reasonable alternatives. The Council has confirmed that,

Also interesting is what evidence the inspector wants on site deliverability.

• Whether or not the site is in the control of a housebuilder – if not, the anticipated timescale for a housebuilder to be in place, if known
• Start dates – assumptions made regarding the lead in times for sites without pp, with outline pp etc, including the implications of any Section 106 Agreement
• Build out rates including, where appropriate, specific thresholds above which a particular build out rate would be considered appropriate
• Market strength, based on past completions data, viability information and professional judgment
• Impact of 2 or more developers/outlets on site and the size of sites above which this is anticipated to happen
• Record of delivery by developers on previous/current development schemes via Building Regs/Council Tax returns
• How sites with pp are to be assessed, where no response has been received from the developer/landowner


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