Does the Government Really Understand how the New Towns Act Worked?

Summary of Consultation Responses to Locally Led New Towns Regs.

It will be for the Oversight Authority [local authority] to grant permission for development. This can be achieved either through the usual mechanisms or through use of a local development  order. We would encourage consideration being given to the use of local development
orders where appropriate as a means of securing high quality development at pace and strengthening the planning certainty of new town projects.


Section 1 (3) (2) of the  New Towns Act 1946

Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred
by section ten of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1932, 22 & 23
a special interim development order made by the Minister under Geo. 5. C. 48. that section with respect to an area designated under this Act as
the site of a new town may grant permission for any development
of land in accordance with proposals approved under subsection
(i) of this section, subject to such conditions, if any,
(including conditions requiring details of any proposed development
to be submitted to the interim development authority),
as may be specified in the order.

There are two purposes of New Towns – they could (at east prior to 1961) aquire land at existing use value, and secondly they could grant themselves planning permission subject to a masterplan in advance.  Key to attracting investors and industry.  The closet thing we have ever had to zoning in Britain.  By making the LA the DM body the development corporation will not be in a position to negotiate anything.  Why use the complicated concentional planning permission route when the New Towns Act bespoke route is far simpler and more effective?

The proposed regulations propose to add the the complex LDD/LDO procudure in addition to this regime where the New Town is designated locally – hardly a step forward as teh section 1 procedure is far simpler and more effective.

Neither of the two critical success factors of New Towns will aply – so the fate of the next round of New Towns will be predictable/

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