If you want to totally screw up the National Infrastructure Regime Add Fracking to it

Successful fracking fields have 100s if not thousands of wells.  In the US 125,000 have been dug since 2005.

If each individual well was subject to the DCO regime even with a 1/4 of the US population over 25,000 wells would be needed.   The full cumulative impact of fracking on water can only be judged cumulatively at a field scale.  So what are we to have 25,000 individual applications, each with documents filling a skip, or several hundred for several hundred each?  One can imagine for example the uproar at an application for several hundred rigs in the Weald, England’s most promising field.  this is why operationally and politically fracking is a no go.  Large windfarms in upland areas well away from where most people live are far less toxic.

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