‘My Vision is to Keep Oxfordshire as it is Now’ – CPRE Oxfordshire gets growth figures wrong by 500%

Oxford Times

Michael Tyce of CPRE Oxfordshire

My vision for our county is that it continues to be predominantly rural, as it is now. Whilst there must be of course be growth to provide the houses people need, and maintain the full employment we enjoy, this must not be at the unnecessary expense of the environment we treasure.

The National Infrastructure Commission has a very different vision of a ‘once-in-a-generation-opportunity’, as they call it, for Oxfordshire to be part of an intensive Growth Corridor.

To give an idea of the scale of what is intended, Oxfordshire presently has 280,000 dwellings and the plan is to increase this to 600,000. That is equivalent to every settlement more than doubling in size, or another six Oxfords, or two Liverpools.

The actual figure is +100,000.

4 thoughts on “‘My Vision is to Keep Oxfordshire as it is Now’ – CPRE Oxfordshire gets growth figures wrong by 500%

  1. I recollect that the NIC has argued that there is the potential for 1 million additional homes by 2050. It has argued for the need to plan for 23,000 homes a year for the next 30 years or so (that would equate to 690,000 homes over 30 years). Oxfordshire is required to accommodate 100k by 2031. There are, however, 22 local authorities encompassed by the growth corridor, possibly fewer (although the precise planning geography has yet to be determined). Since Oxfordshire is only five local planning authorities, that does suggest that a large element of the residual housing need will have to be accommodated by the other 17 or so authorities.

    Oxfordshire won’t be allowed to benefit from improved and enhanced transport connectivity, paid for largely out of the public purse, without doing its bit to address the housing crisis and support economic growth.

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