No New Towns in the Spring Statement – Whats Going on? @SajidJavid

Sajid Javid announced almost two weeks ago that within two weeks two New Town Development corporations would be declared in the Cam-MK-Ox corridor.  Nothing in the Spring Statement – whats going on?

The Treasury might have wanted security of local government support.  The timing on the proposal for a single Buckinghamshire Authority might be a factor, indeed the County Council have argued that the District housing levels are excessive.

Buckingham CC’s leader has expressed concern his district counterparts’ rival plans for new unitary councils may win ministerial support because they can claim they will result in greater housebuilding.

Martin Tett (Con) said one of his district councils, which supports a rival two-unitary structure to the county, as opposed to Buckinghamshire CC’s single unitary goal, was promising a “mind-boggling” numbers of houses.

As Aylesbury and High Wycombe share a housing market area as s single authority was the best choice in the long run.  But it the short term it greatly complicates decisions on declaring Calvert New Town.

I can’t see any reason why Bassingbourne could not have been decalred however, and with some more technical work Grove (on the Great Westerrn Main Line south of OXford).