Does Any City have a Brownfield Site Large Enough for Amazon HQ no. 2?

RFP from Amazon

33 Buildings

8.1 Million Sq’

33,000 Employees

Existing buildings of at least 500,000+ sq. ft., meeting the core requirements described above and that are expandable or have additional options for development nearby.
A greenfield site of approximately 100 acres certified or pad ready, with utility infrastructure in place. The sites do not have to be contiguous, but should be in proximity to each other to foster a sense of place and be pedestrian-friendly.

Can anywhere meet this?  This is a preserviced development pad as large as Central Park.  why would you build 1/2 million sq of offices next to a huge development site?

Only a few cities are likely to be in the running.   Most US cities surprisingly don’t have huge brownfield sites, most urban abandonment being due to residential abandonment, which if you look at cities like Flint is highly scattered rarely creating large contiguous sites.

Perhaps one exception id Detroit, which has large concentrated sites in its Down Town and Midtown areas and on the waterfront, easily connected by transit and is no somewhat on the up.  Chicago maye has a large enough area in the former steelworks site known as park 56, with rail and sewer lines running to the location and offering a dramatic 4 mile long lakefront site. St Lois also has potential large riverfront sites directly north or south of its downtown.

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