No the London Plan does not Protect Gardens as ‘Greenspace’ Nor Should it

Sorry I have taken so long to blog on this.

In a debate a coupe of weeks ago deputy London Mayor Jules pipe claimed – as now that the LOndon plan has no policy on ‘Garden Grabbing’ it was protected as ‘Greenspace’.

A reference to London Plan policy G4

‘Local green and open spaces should be protected’

As defined in Table T1

Small Open
These include gardens, sitting out
areas, children’s play spaces or other
areas of a specialist nature, including
nature conservation areas.

Open spaces being defined in the

Town and Country
Planning Act 1990 S336:

“open space” means any land laid out as a public garden, or used for the  purposes of public recreation, or land which is a disused burial ground;

The NPPF definition is not of much use defining open space as open space – so one is forced back on the statutory definition.

All open space of public value, including not just land, but also areas of water (such as rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs) which offer important opportunities for sport and recreation and can act as a visual amenity.

Note the lack of an Oxford comma in the London Plan, Its not ‘Local Greenspace, and local openn space  ‘t think the authors of the London Plan know what a comma is.  Even if they did word it this was as it would be all encompassing protecting every last blade of grass in London, a stupid policy.

One thought on “No the London Plan does not Protect Gardens as ‘Greenspace’ Nor Should it

  1. The new London Plan couldn’t prohibit development on domestic gardens as the GLA’s small site assumption is predicated on some redevelopment of existing dwellings, as well as subdivisions. See paragraph 6.23 of the SHLAA.

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