Why is the @CommunitiesUK Press Office Briefing Against the Conservative Manifesto on Land Value Capture? @SajidJavid @GavinBarwell

Press Association on their response to the excellent recent Civias report on land value capture.

“We have also introduced reforms to make compulsory purchases clearer, fairer and faster. But compensating owners at less than market value would be inherently unfair and could drive up opposition to new developments.”

we will work with privateand public sector house builders to capture the increase in land value created when they build to reinvest in local infrastructure, essential services and further housing, making it both easier and more certain that public sector landowners, and communities themselves, benefit from the increase in land value from urban regeneration and development.
Two possibilities
1) The DCLG itself does not know what government policy is and is poorly briefed on complex planning issues – a frequent occurrence in my experience
2) May or someone in the DCLG has had second thoughts on the issue – after all it wasn’t in the housing white paper.  Perhaps this is the source of the ‘economic illiteracy’ on this issue by May comment of the Chancellor.

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