Why we wont have a ‘Macmillan Moment’ to Build More Houses in The Budget


George Freeman Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum

in the 1950s …the Conservative conference challenged its leadership to build more homes – an instruction that Harold Macmillan obeyed – and …the membership now wouldn’t be pushing for mass housebuilding as it once did. ‘Given how our membership has declined and aged, inevitably I think if we had a vote on the floor of the Conservative Party conference now, no [they wouldn’t push for more homes]. They are more seized by the damage of uncontrolled house dumping by the big national house builders exploiting the National Planning Policy Framework to do lazy development in the most sought-after shires rather than providing what we really need, which is a revolution of affordable entry-level shared equity housing, rented and owned housing for a new millennial generation carrying tuition fee debt and in a much more insecure workplace’.

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