May (in panic) to Housebuilders – You Naughty Naughty Boys


Given the lead in times between outline on big sites and development – even with a drop in ‘landabnking’ only a realtively number of extra homes could be buolt by yhe next election.  Upping numbers is a long term game.  The Tories are paying the consequences years later of Eric Pickles breaking the Planning System for Growth areas/

Theresa May has called Britain’s biggest developers to a Downing Street summit this week after pledging to “dedicate” her premiership to fixing the “broken” housing market.

Government sources said the Prime Minister will “lay down a challenge” to the industry to construct more homes, in a “significant intervention” following her promise to get more people onto the housing ladder.

Leading developers and building firms are expected to attend the summit on Tuesday, together with representatives from local authorities and housing associations.

The meeting comes after Mrs May used her conference speech to identify housing as the central domestic issue on which she will focus in the coming months.

The Sun

THERESA May is demanding  Britain’s ­biggest housebuilders construct more homes.

The PM will hold a No10 summit with  their bosses next week, we can reveal.

Theresa May has lost patience with construction bosses and will hold showdown talks with them at No10

Tuesday’s showdown comes as Downing Street runs out of patience with the sector, as James Forsyth reports in his ­Sun column today.

Senior Cabinet ministers admit the Tories will not win the next election unless they can solve the housebuilding crisis.

One told The Sun: “We have to get more homes built, it’s as simple as that. If we can’t get more people owning homes by 2022 we’ve lost.”

Earlier this year, ministers threatened to punish housebuilders who did not develop plots they own. They believe they sit on land to wait for prices to rise.

 Senior Cabinet ministers admit the Tories will not win the next election unless they can solve the housebuilding crisis

Senior Cabinet ministers admit the Tories will not win the next election unless they can solve the housebuilding crisis

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid published proposals to “use it, or lose it” amid fury at the slow pace of construction.

He also laid out plans that would force councils to approve more homes if prices get too high. Consultation on his Housing Strategy ends next week.

A report by the Civitas think-tank last year, meanwhile, revealed  two million planning permits were issued between 2006 and 2015, yet foundations were  laid on only 1.3million.

The Tories have promised  a million new homes by the end of the decade. Mrs May used her  conference speech to pump  £10billion into Help to Buy  and to step up a council house building. No10 refused to comment.

One thought on “May (in panic) to Housebuilders – You Naughty Naughty Boys

  1. Reblogged this on Roger Gambba-Jones and commented:
    The culprit is named at the start of this piece, one Eric Pickles, now Sir Eric Pickles, his reward as is often the case, for such people when leaving chaos in their wake, when in a ministerial position. Given the damage he managed to do in such a relatively short space of time, I’m amazed he wasn’t elevated to sainthood, although I did anticipate a lordship at least for the Bradford wrecking ball.
    As a reminder, just a couple of things of Pickles did to make the planning system the mess it is now and blight the housing estates built in the last ten years are. He trashed regional planning, because it was a top down system dictating housing numbers, this being replaced by the farcical duty to cooperate and objectively assessed housing need figures that tie every local Plan examination in knots.
    He changed the density requirements, so that even the most rural locations had to build at 30 to the hectare, almost double in many cases. If developers and house builders had a track record of working to such densities and knew how to design sympathetically to such densities it might not have been such a problem. However, they didn’t and the y still don’t.
    All they did, was build small houses on smaller plots, with smaller garden, more cramped parking arrangements and then serve many of these estate with private and therefore unadoptable roadways.

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