With Javid About to Be Booted Out by May Housing White Paper will die a Death


The reshuffle was due to take place after the Conservative conference next month, but it is now believed Theresa May will delay it in order to keep the threat hanging over the heads of those she has clashed with, including Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom and Liam Fox.

Javid had the temerity to criticize her in a speech criticizing all prime ministers over the last 20 years for not getting enough houses built, and has clashed with her on civil liberties issues.  Worst of all they clashed as the now sacked Nick Timothy succeeded in taking all of the teeth and new measures from the Housing White paper making it a toothless wonder.  With a new ministerial team in the Autumn expect to see two more years of getting to know the job, introducing silly knee jerk panicky measures  from not knowing the brief (beds in cowsheds anyone?) and worst of all more kicking into the long grass tough decisions on Garden Cities and measures arising from the NIC Oxford-MK-Cambridge strategy.

Even if Javid stays he is crippled – a walking dead cabinet minister marked out for daring to disagree with her imperiousness.