Corbyn promises to End Housing Crisis in Milton Keynes but to Build Less Houses in Milton Keynes

Jeremy Corbyn is hitting the Home Counties with a promise to tackle the housing crisis as he continues his blitz of marginal parliamentary seats.

The Labour leader is campaigning to unseat Tory MPs with slim majorities in Reading and Milton Keynes under a plan to keep his party on a general election footing.

Mr Corbyn will highlight rocketing house prices and attack the Government for “giving tax breaks to the wealthy”.

Whilst I grab a biscuit read my manifesto, we are promising to build 1/2 million less homes than the Tories.

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At a rally in Milton Keynes, he is expected to say: “The Conservative Government has spent seven years giving tax breaks to the wealthy, who don’t need them, while making it harder for most people in our country to make ends meet.

“Here in Milton Keynes, like so many towns and cities across the country, the cost of housing is sky-rocketing – house prices have gone up 50% in five years.

“The next Labour government will tackle the housing crisis.

“We will create a new Department for Housing and build 100,000 homes a year by the end of the next Parliament.

As is now well known because the Labour Manifesto promise was so weakly drafted, and because Barwell trumped the promise on the Today programme, through clarifications of the equally badly drafted promise in the Tory Manifesto (which in its initial draft promised to build less houses than the government in evidence to the House of Lords said the target meant when annuallised across 5 years), the Torys ironically ended the last election promising to build 1/2 million MORE houses than Labour over a Parliament.

1/2 million is a big gap, so is likely to me met or fall short most in the one town outside London which has achieved the highest levels of housebuilding.

Plenty of opportunities to call and raise, not taken.  So translated his promise is ‘we have promised to build 1/2 million less houses than the Tories so vote for us’ .  Why not a real target, like building 100,000 houses more in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area over 20 years than the Tories plan.