SOS Decision – Undersupply in 6 of 10 years not persistent Because of Recession


The Secretary of State has carefully considered the Inspector’s analysis of the buffer at
IR163-166 and carefully considered the Inspector’s conclusion that there are grounds to consider that there is a record of persistent under delivery and that a buffer of 20% is now justified. However, the Secretary of State disagrees with the Inspector’s conclusions. In coming to this conclusion, the Secretary of State has had regard to report into the West Berkshire Housing Site allocations DPD and the DPD Inspector’s conclusions (DPD IR 134) that the housing supply situation is satisfactorily monitored with no reasons to conclude that there is any significant threat to the delivery of housing in West Berkshire.
The Secretary of State also concludes that while there has been an undersupply in 6 ofthe past ten years, this has been in part due to the influence of the recession. As such he finds that a 5% buffer is appropriate.

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