Developers Plan to Ditch Sherford Design Code Stymied

Plymouth Herald

Alas Devon CC still ruins everything by insiting on Asphalt pavements

The Princes Trust tweeted support for the decision.

Code here

Sherford developers have been blocked from scrapping a strict set of design rules – as councillors said the move would have created a “zombie town” with “years of planning thrown out of the window”.

Housing firms applied to ditch a town code drawn up 13 years ago and replace it with a set of “fundamental principles” allowing greater flexibility over materials and construction methods.

Consortium bosses denied the move would affect the quality of new homes, but members of the planning committee were not convinced.


Cllr Jonny Morris (Lab) said he did not want Sherford to end up like Poundbury in Dorchester, which he described as the sort of place you would see “in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse”.

Cllr Vivien Pengelly (Con): “I am deeply concerned. Instead of having the highest standard of new homes, we will instead have a rather large housing estate that will all be watered down. I’m sorry, I cannot support this application.

“You have to get the residents on board when you’re doing something as big as this. It’s very sad that it has come to this.”

Cllr Nick Kelly (Con) said: “This is simply far too premature to take such a radical act, disregarding all those measures that allowed permission to be granted in the first place.

“We want development, but everybody thinks ‘This is what we’re going to get’, and at the stroke of a pen years of planning and assurances go out of the window.”

Cllr Sam Davey (Lab) said: “The residents were sold Sherford with this particular mechanism. They would view this in a particularly negative light, and I don’t blame them.”


One thought on “Developers Plan to Ditch Sherford Design Code Stymied

  1. Reblogged this on Roger Gambba-Jones and commented:
    Well done to the committee for sticking with their policies and not allowing delivers to pressure them to water them down. Hopefully the inspector at the inevitable appeal, will agree.

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