Barnet Scheme for 1,350 homes takes 2 years to get to committee- Refused Against Officers Advice

Barnet and Whetstone Press

Councillors have refused to grant a planning application for a development of 1,350 homes on the 17 hectare North London Business Park site (NLBP) in Brunswick Park ward.

The application, submitted by Comer Homes, included high rise blocks up to 9 storeys and a new free school.

But it was considered, by Barnet Council’s planning committee, to be an overdevelopment and out of character with the area.

A total of 228 local residents objected to the proposals.

Obviously not overdevelopment, They must be hoping the Mayor Directs Approval to avoid costs on appeal.  As the site backs onto railway and is surrounded by generous open space almost nobody is visually affected.  A good example of cllrs being moved by objections immaterial of planning merits.

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