Concept for a Cubett Cycle Only Bridge at Blackfriars

In cities radically improving conditions for cyclists buiding new Bridges primarily for cyclists have become the norm.  Moreover they are light and relatively cheap, it was the mass of earth interfering with LT subsurface work which ultimately did for the Garden Bridge.

The new analytical work by TfL has shown just where such a bridge should be.  There are huge flows and potential flows over Blackfriars Bridge connecting as it does Clapham and the City of London is is by far the main origin-destination point.  It is teh route of thesuperhighway.  70% of traffic across Blackfriars Bridge is now Cycles.  Additional capacity here is needed because of the introduction of anti-terrorist barriers.

Closing Blackfriars bridge would be hard because of bus routes, so why not build a cycle and pedestrian only bridge here, made much easier here as the supprts from the Cubett rail bridge (now demolished) are still in place.  A proposal for a combined green bridge and cycle route at Blackfriars was submitted to the ‘High Line for London’ ideas competition in 2012.

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