No Heathrow Extension Not Thrown into Doubt by Hung Parliament @ZacGoldsmith

Zac Goldsmith today tweeing that bexpansion is dead

The Sun

THE PLANNED third runway at Heathrow has been thrown into doubt by a hung Parliament, The Sun can reveal.

Theresa May’s lack of a majority leaves her exposed to as many as 40 Tory rebels opposed to their manifesto commitment to expand the UK’s busiest airport.

Plans for an expansion to Heathrow Airport involving a third runway have been thrown into doubt by the hung-parliament

And Labour’s own manifesto pointedly made no specific mention of Heathrow — only committing the party to a vague pledge to expand Britain’s airport capacity — leaving the opposition free to wreck the plan.

Prominent Labour figures like Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell are opposed to the new landing strip.

The number of Tories opposed to the move forced the PM to kick the issue into the long grass last October with yet another consultation — but MPs are yet to actually vote on the decision.

The lack of majority held by Theresa May’s government after the snap-election has put the plans at risk

Members of public are currently being asked their views ahead of parliamentary scrutiny of their responses – meaning it could be up to a year before the decision reaches the division lobbies.

The Conservatives manifesto reaffirmed the support for new Heathrow runway, however Government Whips believe the plan faces a rough ride through a balanced House of Commons.

Lets do some math

Heathrow is an EVEL matter

Conservative Mps in England


Other Mps in England


Majority = 102

Even with 40 rebels they would have a majority of 10.

That’s assuming all labour MPS vote against.

Mc Donnell is very much in a minority amongst Labour Mps as anti-heathrow.  The Unions and most of the PLP are in favour.  The Manifesto is strongly pro runway expansion without mentioning Heathrow so a whip couldn’t be enforced.

Before the election only around 20 London Labour mps opposed expansion.  Lets be generous and say its now 30

By parliamentary arithmetic






Total for 462


Cons 40

Lab 30

Others 10

Total Against 80

Majority in Favour 462-80=382

A whopping majority that would humiliate John Mc Donnell

If the conservatives had any sense it would be in the Queens Speech.

Note these numbers may be generous to the no side as many of the Anti-Heathrow London Conservative Mps have now lost their seats.

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