The Manifesto for Surrey – Move Development to Hampshire

As Surrey’s Green Belt includes the entire non urban part of the County and as OAN includes a migration component under the NPPF and DTC Surrey authorities would need to agree for adjoining areas – such as Hampshire – to agree any planned shortfall – is that the intention – or simply that Surrey becomes a retirement home for boomers already having paid their mortgage?

Get Surrey

Surrey can’t go on “losing precious countryside to developers”, a campaign group has said.

The Surrey Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has now issued its “Manifesto for Surrey” setting out policies to protect the Green Belt, countryside and villages.

The group, which describes itself as strictly non-party political, and is a registered charity, has now called for candidates of all political parties in the General Election to endorse the manifesto and agree to incorporate its policies in their election addresses.

The manifesto for Surrey sets out policies to protect the Green Belt and other countryside and green spaces in Surrey from “inappropriate development”, oppose excessive and unsustainable housebuilding figures and ensure that new development meets “genuine local need” not demand from outside Surrey.

It also aims to prioritise urban and brownfield regeneration, make better use of existing housing stock, and ensure a significantly higher proportion of well-designed affordable and social housing.

The group, which has more than 2,500 members in Surrey, is also calling for new housing to only be permitted where funding is available to provide significant improvements in infrastructure and public services.

It also wants measurably higher standards in air and water quality and to ensure rural tranquillity and dark night skies.

CPRE also wants the boundaries of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty redrawn to bring existing Areas of Great Landscape Value within the AONB.

Andy Smith, CPRE Surrey branch director, said: “Our Manifesto for Surrey sets out the policies that would protect our countryside and green spaces from unnecessary and inappropriate development.

“Surrey is getting full up. We are already losing precious countryside to the developers. Our infrastructure and public services are under massive pressure.

“We can’t go on like this. Surrey needs to build more homes but we need the right housing in the right places, and on a scale that is sustainable.

“CPRE’s duty is to defend the countryside and Green Belt. We have heard many politicians promising to do the same. But for this to be meaningful they need to agree to policies that relieve the pressure on our rural areas and provide real protection for our green spaces.

“The CPRE Manifesto for Surrey provides a way forward.”

To read the full manifesto visit the Surrey Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s website.


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