Herts Submits two Local Plans with Green Belt Reviews in a Month – That Wasn’t so Difficult was it?

In the last Month both East and North Herts have submitted local plans, with Green Belt reviews and strategic allocations around Stevenage and Hatfield taken straight from the East of England RSS that were resisted for years.  Both take small chunks from the Green Belt to do this, in East Herts cases around 6%.

Have the shire gone a marching, were there all night vigils outside the town hall?  No

How come the East of the County has progressed when the west is still stuck?  The answer is that in the west of the County the districts are almost all Green Belt, and they have to deal with a major overspill from tightly bounded Watford.   In North and East Herts the NPPF bites in the countryside outside the Green Belt, whereas in the West it has no bite at all,



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