Grok – Its Megacity Wivenhoe

Dredd patrols his new beat as block wars break out between residents of Wivenhoe and Elmsted Market

If this is a Megcity then Wivenhoe at twice the size must be a mega mega city – or maybe just a large village.

The population of Megacity One has nothing on East of Colchester Garden Community

Essex Gazette

TENDRING council reaffirmed its support for the proposed Garden Village on the edge of Colchester.

Deputy leader Carlo Guglielmi attended a consultation meeting last week, which revealed revised plans showing the settlement would feature its main centre along the A133 at Clingoe Hill and up to 2,000 south of the busy dual carriageway.

Moving the town further south, to be 500m away from Wivenhoe, led to much uproar from its councillors. Colchester Council deputy leader Tim Young demanded the planning consultants go back to the drawing board.

The Wivenhoe councillors, noting the plans now talk of 9,000 homes, instead of 6,800 have branded the planned settlement a ‘Megacity’, saying it will ‘swamp’ Wivenhoe.

Dredd leads a border force south of the B1027 in the face of aggressive hyperbole from Wivenhoe Parish Cllrs.


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