No Guildford Local Plan hasn’t dropped Green Belt Sites it has Simply Phased some Beyond 2034

Bad headline in Planning- however the Normandy and Flexford Site is unclear, I believe it to be Green Belt however it does have a station midway between Guildford and Aldershot – the site was originally in to support a new school, so perhaps the justification for this has changed.

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Guildford Borough Council (GBC) has reduced the total number of houses it is targeting to build before 2034 by 1,400 in the latest draft its local plan.

The cuts include sites in Normandy and Flexford, which would have accounted for around 1,100 of the new homes proposed for the borough.

The local plan sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built and where.

The latest draft document has also reduced housing need from 693 to 654 units per year.

GBC has reduced the number of homes planned for green belt areas such as Gosden Hill Farm and Blackwell Farm.

Around 300 fewer residential units are recommended at each site due to phasing of delivery expected beyond 2034.

The council says the new plan does included increased numbers of homes on brownfield sites in the town centre such as 200 more residential units on the North Street redevelopment.

There are updated sites for student accommodation and Travelling Showpeople, such as Guildford College changing from 100 homes to 200 student accommodation units and land at Garlick’s Arch site now accommodating six travelling showpeople plots.

The plan includes new sites for employment floor space and industrial land.

Burntcommon warehouse is the new site for 7,000 sq/m of industrial land, moved from the site at Garlick’s Arch, while a proposed new “Guildford West” railway station in Park Barn is now included as a site allocation.

As well as reducing housing by 1,400 units, office and research and development floor space has been reduced by between 1,100 and 3,500 sq/m.

Industrial employment land has gone down by between one and 1.2 hectares and comparison retail floor space by 5,955 sq/m.

The Borough, Economy and Infrastructure Executive Advisory Board (EAB) will consider the latest version of the Draft Local Plan at its special meeting on April 20.


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