Centre for Cities – Green Belt Land Needed for Housing in Bristol

BBC Bristol –  Omitting the best and largest site is in Somerset outside the combined authority area.

A think tank has called for more homes on greenbelt land around Bristol and Bath.

The Centre for Cities says building on greenbelt is the only way of addressing the region’s growing housing crisis.

Alexandra Jones, from the think tank, said: “About 4,300 houses could be built on brownfield land – clearly that’s nowhere near what’s needed.”

The Metro Mayor for the west will have the power to decide housing policy when he or she is elected in May.

Ms Jones, from the independent organisation, added that greenbelt takes up half the land in South Gloucestershire and two thirds of land in the Bath and North East Somerset Council area.

Three local councils which have signed up to the Metro Mayor model have all pledged to increase the number of new homes being built.

The aim is to build another 85,000 homes in the next 20 years which is the equivalent of building two cities the size of Bath.

In October, the government backed a £1bn devolution agreement to Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

The agreement involves creating a Metro Mayor who would make key decisions on major areas such as housing, jobs and roads.


3 thoughts on “Centre for Cities – Green Belt Land Needed for Housing in Bristol

  1. Re elected mayors the Housing White Paper says:

    A.15 To help facilitate this the Neighbourhood Planning Bill, currently before Parliament, would in future require each local planning authority to maintain a set of key strategic policies, with flexibility over whether these are in a plan produced by an individual authority, in a joint local plan produced by a group of authorities, or in a spatial development strategy produced by a combined authority or an elected mayor.

    Its rather surprising that elected mayors are mixed up with neighbourhood planning.

  2. I believe that the White Paper is referring to the provision in the Bill that will enable the Secretary of State to direct a group of authorities to produce aligned policies or a joint plan. It just so happens that this provision is contained in a Bill with ‘Neighbourhood’ in the tile which is confusing.

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