Cllr in Mays Constituancy Sacked for revealing 86% of Housing in Local Plan on Green Belt


A veteran councillor in Theresa May’s constituency has been sacked after questioning plans for thousands of homes in the green belt.

Leo Walters, a former Conservative mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, was removed as chairman of the council’s housing scrutiny panel after expressing concern that the public had not been fully informed about the threat to the green belt.

He said that he had been removed by Simon Dudley, the council’s leader, after “simply handing out facts”.

Mr Walters had sent an email to his fellow panel members informing them of a Freedom of Information response from the council revealing that 86 per cent of the land that it was proposing for development was in the green belt.



One thought on “Cllr in Mays Constituancy Sacked for revealing 86% of Housing in Local Plan on Green Belt

  1. For years the Green Belt voices drowned the supporters of house building. We have a desperate housing shortage which realistically can only be partially resolved by building on the Green Belt. I’m all for silencing voices of dissent!

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