Burying Station Car Parks is a Ridiculous Thing to Promote in Housing White Paper – But Old Coal Yards have potential

Is that the best number 10 can do in Housing White Paper in briefing in Housing White Paper – burying station car parks and building housing above.  Something which will have been done already where it is economic and has only been done or planned in a handful of cases like Northampton.  Its contribution will be tiny.

Most rural stations (the vast majority) were never designed with car parks and they are squeezed in

A few were built on former coal yards, however many coal yards remain undeveloped and have potential – as here in Pluckley Kent

However the BRPB – or whatever they are called now – already has a list of such sites and surplus car parks available for development and now it has shrunk over 20 years to very short nit pickings indeed.  I know because a developer paid me to go over it every week.  A few prize sites were held back as strategic so they could be studied for the potential for redevelopment (including burying car parks (where of course you lose 25% of capacity because of pillars and cant do in areas with high ground water).  So the potential nationally is small, this is a local issue for high value areas not a national solution to make up for treating the Green Belt or Green Fields as Inviolate.  Its a distraction and a rather silly one.


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