Foolish May makes same Mistake as John Prescott on Housing in the North

Daily Mail

Later this month he will publish proposals to speed up the planning process and force councils to accept thousands more homes in a bid to ease the housing crisis.

Almost all areas of the North will see considerable household growth – its certainly not being ‘restricted’in Greater Manchester for example – a never been north of Watford Gap southerners framing- – just not the same as the South – after all it has lower population.  The issue is whether in making 15+ year housing forecasts do you ‘build in’success of a policy that has not yet been tried. John Prescott thought this thinking it foolish to plan for 20yrs housing targets when his policies would see a shift to growth in the north, he was wrong despite a far stronger policy framework the regional imbalences increased and he worsened the housing shortage as a result.  Javid should resist such a foolish policy repeat.


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