Javid – Housing White Paper will Treat Green Belt as Sacrosanct

Sky News Not what he was saying in October

The communities secretary said he was determined to face down political opposition amid warnings of a backlash over plans to encourage councils to increase the number of homes being built in local areas, which could in turn see some pockets of green belt used for housing.

“I am not pretending it is always going to be easy, but the opposition I am concerned about most of all is what happens if we don’t make these reforms,” Mr Javid told Sky News.

“The opposition of young people and others out there that are looking for decent homes – either to rent or buy; what would happen if their political leaders fail them – and that is certainly not going to happen with this government.”

Mr Javid said his white paper would contain measures to ensure that more land was released in the “right places” for development, but that the focus would be on building on brownfield sites rather than the “sacrosanct” green belt.

However, he did acknowledge that in “the most exceptional circumstances” the green belt could be built on.


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