Like ‘Rogue One’ Housing White Paper has been Watered Down by Sith Second Raters

The box office success of the year has clearly been butchered by Disney from its original vision by Disney Executives.  One day we might see a directors cut.

Sadly not for the housing white paper.  Having disappeared and delayed over Christmas after entering the Number 10 Death Star it has been butchered and watered down by Nick ‘Kylo’ Timothy

Nick 'Kylo' Timothy

Nick ‘Kylo’ Timothy

Captain Phasma Hill

Captain Phasma Hill

and Captain Phasma Hill.

Javid promised a ‘once and for all’ solution to the housing crisis.   This means tacking the huge gap caused by cities such as London, Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol not being able to fully meet housing needs within their boundaries.  2 million for London alone.

However stung by the botched planning reforms of the NPPF May and her Sith Aides are worried about a reaction of Boles like proportions to a ‘war on the countryside’ so the white paper has been watered down.  What they miss is that Boles barely introduced new policy- he simply pointed out the consequences of ‘build what you like where you like’ policy on 1,000s of villages.

The only solution is to build big – such as Garden Cities.  Garden Villages help but cumulatively 14 Garden Villages add up to less than One large Garden City.

So whats the evidence for the gutting of the white paper

  1. The delay till Jan
  2. The Keenness of Javid in speeches to get as much out as he can – such as in the Brum Green Belt decision
  3. The simultaneous briefing in the Guardian and Telegraph today that Garden Cities (esp Ebbsfleet) have been killed off due to ‘local opposition’ and the focus on the 2017 funding round on Garden Villages only.
  4. The reporting today of a concern of a ‘war on the countryside’

So ‘local opposition’ i.e. Nimbyism is the guiding  force is it.

This seems to be pure Mayism spite to kill off programmes, like Ebbsfleet Garden City pushed by Osborne.  This is ridiculous and unfair as the programme though under-performing was locally led and supported and in 2017 will deliver over 600 units higher than anywhere in the UK.  Had it been set up as a proper Garden City from the outset with public land ownership and land capture it would have sailed from the outset.

So the Sith forces have ganged up on Trekkie Javid and Tolkein Nerd Barwell, producing a white paper that will simply kick the problems into the long grass another 5 years.

3 thoughts on “Like ‘Rogue One’ Housing White Paper has been Watered Down by Sith Second Raters

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