Tory Toff condemns housebuilding as ‘Unspeakable behaviour’


Theresa May faced “forceful” opposition from her own benches on Tuesday over plans to build on greenbelt land.

In a Tory split over a planning bill, 15 backbenchers have tabled amendments which seek to protect land around cities and to increase the powers of local people to stop new development.

Conservatives rebelling on the Neighbourhood Planning Bill included Andrew Mitchell MP, who told HuffPostUK “I shall be questioning the Government’s commitment to the greenbelt in forceful terms” in the chamber.

Heavy-weight backbenchers Crispin Blunt, Nick Herbert and Nicholas Soames also opposed the Government’s plans. Soames tweeted on Monday that the “unspeakable behaviour of housebuilders” needed to be “dealt with”.

One of the revisions put forward would prevent the Government funding new homes built on greenbelt land or in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Another would force councils to seek Government permission for developments that face local opposition from neighbourhood planning groups.


3 thoughts on “Tory Toff condemns housebuilding as ‘Unspeakable behaviour’

  1. Marvelous, increasing the power of NYMBY’s is all we need. When will people understand that if you need a significant increase in housing then some of the greenbelt will have to be sacrificed. The sooner we acknowledge this and amend planning rules according the sooner our children can start to build a foundation / purpose to their lives.

  2. And when you’ve “sacrificed” some of the Green Belt, what do you do next – sacrifice still more, until there is no Green Belt and this green and pleasant land, where the whole world seems to want to come and live, becomes a place we’d all prefer to leave?

  3. Tony, understand the purpose of the Green Belt in the first instance…. it’s not purely about how green and pleasant the fields look…

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