Javid Spins a Different Message on Green Belt on ConHome

ConHome it simply isn’t credible to spin so differently to different audiences, it simply spreads Nimby confusionism to local groups lobbying Conservative Councillors.

in Birmingham, …the council’s local development plan calls for the re-designation of a small area of green belt land. Some people have said that, by allowing this, I’m signalling that the Government is no longer committed to protecting the great British countryside, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

In line with our manifesto commitment, the Government is committed to protecting green belt land and prioritising development on brownfield land. Local authorities are responsible for designating green belt land and only in exceptional circumstances should they alter it. I always want to see brownfield sites used first, which is precisely why we’re also putting more money into bringing neglected parts of towns and cities back to life. We’re creating communities where people will be proud to live, and support building on abandoned urban areas like old factories and car parks.


One thought on “Javid Spins a Different Message on Green Belt on ConHome

  1. Isn’t this post just another example of the common misunderstanding that Green Field = Green Belt?
    I feel those who know should try to educate friends, the public, the media and pundits that Green Field is NOT Green Belt, and what the difference is. We’ll know there is understanding of this when there start to be public calls/petitions etc. to establish new Green Belts!

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