The Sun’s Take on Housing White Paper – Build Up Up UP

Add a storey PD rights? Its not the law that fixes building heights- rather than a discretionary DC based system that doesnt permit ‘as of right’ upzoning – possibly this is what they mean – further shifts to a zoning based system.

The Sun

MINISTERS want to throw out height limits to erect a new generation of tall houses and flats in the biggest planning overhaul in 70 years.

Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid wants a major relaxation of strict practices that stop new homes being built higher than their surrounding buildings.

The communities secretary wants to scrap some old rules on heights of houses

In another controversial move, the Cabinet minister also wants to review rules on light that stop building if neighbouring homes are cast in shadow.

The moves are part of “a very radical” new planning blueprint being drawn up to solve Britain’s spiralling housing crisis “once and for all”, The Sun has been told.

Under it, councils will be ordered to come up with new five year plans for housing quotas in areas where people want to live – or face Whitehall enforcing building sites on them.

The fresh drive – to be made public in two weeks’ time in a government white paper- will mean tackling laws and practices that have not been changed since 1947 when decision making powers were delegated down to local councils.

But it could also spark a major fight between the government and Tory backbenchers who represent leafy countryside seats.

A senior government source told The Sun: “Some of our planning rules have been around since almost the end of World War Two.


4 thoughts on “The Sun’s Take on Housing White Paper – Build Up Up UP

  1. Reblogged this on Roger Gambba-Jones and commented:
    If true, there seems to be no end in sight to the constant flow of corrosive tinkering this government wishes to impose on the planning system all in the name of increasing the housing supply.
    All such extensions are likely to do in many places, is create fertile ground for a rash of HMOs. In other areas, ‘castellation’ of the street scene, as every other property gets an extra bit added, could easily give us our own versions of the Brazilian slums we all saw during the Olympics.

  2. Sounds like a no brainer but unfortunately the planning system is hostage to the nimby’s so a long way to go before this sees any daylight.

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