Barwell Admits 1 million Homes Target by 2020 will be missed, large sites to be ‘turbocharged”

Sky News

The government is set to fail to meet its target to build one million homes by 2020, the Housing Minister has admitted.

The aim to build one million new homes by the end of this Parliament was announced by David Cameron’s government last year to meet estimates of the shortfall in the country’s housing needs.

Unveiling new measures to tackle the housing crisis, Mr Barwell told Sky News that the Government is currently building about 170,000 homes every year but added “we clearly need to do better”.

“We inherited a position in 2010 where house building rates in this country were at their lowest since the 1920s.

“We’ve seen significant progress.

“But absolutely we are still not at the rate that we need to be in order to meet our ambition to get this country building the homes that are so desperately needed.”

The Housing Minister on Friday announced six new housing zones, a £18 million “capacity fund” to help councils tackle planning issues and a new Garden Town in Kent was “a small part of the overall strategy” but were intended “to turbo-charge house building on large sites”.

A Housing White Paper is expected to be published later this year setting out additional measures.


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