Wilshaw has no Power to Inspect Schools if Pupils are Naughty Outside the School Gates

Si Michael Wilshaw has sent a quite ridiculous letter – which clearly went nowhere near a lawyer- to four kent schools saying that

  1.  They should have had powers of precognition by ringing the police before a brawl outside school gates started
  2.  They should have employed an intelligence force to spy on pupils to determine when the brawl would be

He also arranged a surprise inspection of four schools

The schools should reply robustly as he is acting sui generis and wasting his resources on an illeagal inspection

A reminder

Schools Inspections Act 1976

Functions of the Chief Inspector for England.

(1)The Chief Inspector for England shall have the general duty of keeping the Secretary of State informed about—

(a)the quality of the education provided by schools in England;

(b)the educational standards achieved in those schools;

(c)whether the financial resources made available to those schools are managed efficiently; and

(d)the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at those schools.

Note two things

  1. The propositions in and at not beyond
  2. The lack of mandate regarding discipline and behavior where this does not reflect on educational matters

School send the little dictator home.


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