County Councils do do the Dirty Work for DCLG on Late Plans

Until today the SoS was faced with the unwelcome task of doing local plans him or herself where they dont meet next Aprils deadline

But a new clause is proposed in the Neighbourhood Planning Bill gives default powers to County Councils if they so wish.

There is also a clause for the SoS to order joint plans.

An intriguing clause provides for the SoS to set ‘data standards’ for LDSs and LDDs.

What might these be – limits on pages perhaps?  Word limits?  Possibly numbers for housing overspill from major conurbations maybe.

These cover most of the recommendations of the Local Plan Experts Group.



2 thoughts on “County Councils do do the Dirty Work for DCLG on Late Plans

  1. It would do credit to Will Shakespeare himself and his comedy of errors and all that, when it comes to the planning system we now have.
    Taken to it logical conclusion, if enough councils in a given area miss the April deadline and their county council is foolish enough to take over their plan making role, we would have turned the clock back to the days of the precursor to the regional plans supposedly so despised by this government, to the time of the structure plan – how bizarre is that!
    What’s the score if it a unitary authority then? Do they take themselves over, by employing a new set of policy planners, to sit in the corner and pretend that they work for some remote, detached and clueless bunch that we in two tier areas call the county council?

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