Castle Point in ‘Green Belt Means we are Full’ DTC Fail

Caste Point is the first authority to undershoot its OAN by arguing it is ‘full’ because of Green Belt.

Such authority’s we have long argued are likely to fail the legal and policy DTC tests.

This is born out by the latest inspectors letter

Paragraph 13.22 of the New Local Plan recognises that the housing target of 2,000 new homes by 2031 does not represent objectively assessed need but reflects the capacity of the Borough to accommodate growth. Paragraph 179 of the NPPF indicates that joint working should enable local planning authorities to work together to meet development requirements which cannot be wholly met within their own areas. In the light of the strategy proposed for Castle Point what specific steps have been taken or mechanisms are in place to distribute unmet housing need elsewhere in the Housing Market Area (HMA) or beyond?


One thought on “Castle Point in ‘Green Belt Means we are Full’ DTC Fail

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