Who will Do Javids Rail Corridor/Green Belt Planning?

Javids Speech

Key questions for the forthcoming White Paper Mr Quartermain:

  • Who will decide around which stations where?
  • Who will decide where the compensatory Green Belt will be
  • Who will carry out the studies to show the spare rail capacity if any and how this can be upgraded?
  • What delivery model – will this include land value capture to help defray the infrastructure costs?  Will there be New Town Development corporations?  Ebbsfleet – now it has found its feet, show how high rates of delivery can be acheived.
  • Will they be proper mixed and balanced communities including social housing?
  • What is the roles of Met Mayors and the Mayor of London – especially if they have an inviolable Green Belt policy
  • Will the NPPF be amended?
  • Will the Duty to Cooperate be amended to make this happen?
  • Will there finally now be a proper policy for Garden CIties, Villages and Garden Suburbs in the NPPF?
  • Will the government tackle a lead on commissioning the corridor studies – politically it would be wish to let the Met Mayors to chair them
  • Will the government bite the bullet and admit this is a return to regional planning?
  • Will the government adopt best practice in linking corridor planning to economic development – e.g. Malaysia 
  • Will the Government finally reconfigure HS2 and HS3 to be more than developing rail without any stations – contrary to international HSR best practice.
  • Its more than just the amount of Green Belt – will some of the land value capture be used to enhance biodiversity, beauty and accessible of housing near peoples new homes?
  • It needs a bold political move to ensure success – such as granting shares to local residents in the new development corporations on their 18th Birthday, which can be used in lieu to secure plots for housing.  Or the old conservative coop model used to develop much of Ealing, granting plots by lottery to local shreholders.



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